MONDAY 10 MAY 2021

You intend on participating in the Lyon e-Sport 2021? Here is a detailed tutorial of the registration process!

Our registration nights will take place on May 13th, at 8pm (Paris time) for TFT and Wildrift and May 14th at 8pm (Paris time) for League of Legends. Registration will be on a “first come first served” basis. Hence this detailed tutorial to best prepare your registration.

For those registrations, only one person per team will have to give all information on their team and team members. We strongly advise you to communicate all necessary information to the designated person to quickly complete the form.

Step 1 - Game selection

Firstly, you have to select the game to which you wish to participate in.

Step 2 - Account creation

In a second phase, you have to create an account to proceed to registration and modify your information later if needed.

You will receive an account creation confirmation email soon after. It is an informative email, no action will be asked from it.

If you want to participate to 2 tournament, you will have to create a second account

Step 3 - Team registration

Once the account is created, you will have to fill out information on your team, such as its name, as well as all players that are a part of it.

For each player, you will have to fill their last name / first name / email / date of birth as well as the summoner’s name correctly spelled (capital letters and special characters included). If the summoner’s name is misspelled three times in a row, an alert will appear and registration will not go through.

Step 4 - Registration confirmation or waitlist placement.

Once all information is correctly filled you can confirm the form. If you have been fast enough and you are in the firsts to complete registration, you and your team will be selected to participate in the tournament to which you are registered.
If the tournament is already complete, you will be automatically placed on a waiting list. This list will be used if we have withdrawals and we will contact teams in order of their waiting list placement. Don’t panic if you are on the waiting list, you still have a chance to be selected to participate in the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

We wish you good luck for registration and hope that you will be part of the teams in our tournaments.